General Specifications

Type Diesel 4 linear stroke
Model Dong Feng Cummins ISLe 375-30
Pollution standard Euro III
Engine power 268kw or 375hp@2100 rpm
Maximum torque 1535 N.m@1200 rpm
Number of cylinders 6
Cylinder radius 114 mm
Piston train 145 mm
Compression ratio 16.6:1
Maximum engine speed 2450 rpm
Engine volume 8.85Lit
Oil capacity
Coolant capacity
Injector pump BOSCH , 000916 L2 3963815
Fuel consumption in 100km 218.285
Fuel consumption index G
Special equipment Valve from above
Direct Fuel Injection System
Has electronic control
Equipped with Intercooler and Turbo Charging
Gross weight 26000
Net weight without load room 9850
Capacity with the load room 16150
Distribution of net weight on axes 4540+2655+2655
Maximum permissible load on axles 6000+10000+10000
Net weight with user
Load norm
Maximum load on fifth wheel
Gross weight (mass of chassis) 2600
Net weight without load room (mass of vehicle without body) 15000
Capacity with load room (maximum technical loaded load) ____
Distribution of net weight on axles (mass distribution of vehicle without body) 5200+4900+4900
Maximum permissible load on axles 7500+13000+13000
Net weight with user (which user ???) ____
Load norm ____
Maximum load on fifth wheel ____
The precise height of the bearded screen ____

Detailed Specifications

Front Flat springs
Rear Flat springs
Brake system
Front Bowl - pneumatic equipped ABS
Rear Bowl - pneumatic equipped ABS
Hand brake Pneumatic
Engine brakes
Gearbox Brake
Exhaust brake Yes
Park brake
Indicator for lining
Fuel tank
Capacity 300
Capacity 300
Room equipment
Resting cabin
Air conditioner
Room Lift Jack
Central lock
Glass electric hoist
MP3 Player
All welding with electro-static powder coating
Adjustable driver seat
Heater in place
Multi-speed wiper
Flashing light
Mirror heater
Type Full synchronized ZF
Maximum torque input
Number of gears 8+1+1
Oil capacity
Oil type
Clutch type Dry single page
Clutch type Pneumatic performance - hydraulic
Page diameter
PTO installation capability
Electrical system
Battery 2*105 A
Dynamo 28 V - 70 A
Front Rear
Steering system
Type Adjustable hydraulic
Steering wheel from lock to lock 45 degrees inside - 33 degrees out
Radian 471 mm
Number of laps to left and right 2.4
Simple tires 12.00R20
Tioplos rubber 318*80R22.5
Movement specification
Allowed speed 80Km/h
Allowed slope
Minimum radius of rotation