Carizankhodro Company

Carizan has started its heavy-duty manufacturing business since November 2005 in order to develop and expand road transportation. Carizan with the production of lightweight and semi-heavy trucks, named Kavian, went into the production and distribution of heavy machinery and expanded the road transport industry in Iran. The first factory of Carizan is located in Alborz Industrial Park (Qazvin).
The second car factory is located in Kaveh Industrial Estate, located in Saveh. Since the launch of the production lines, Carizan has gained all the standards related to the automotive industry, and all of the company's products have been equipped with an anti-lock braking system since 2006.
Various types of trucks with a capacity of 6 tons, 8 tons, 12 tons and 19 tons with a level of emissions of Euro 5 or Euro 4 will be offered to the market, which has a lot of facilities due to the desirable quality and extensive network of after-sales services.
The following are the strengths and reasons for distinguishing Carizan:
1-Diversity of manufactured products
2-Color variety of products
3-Delivery prompt and timely
4-Collaboration with prominent and valid leasing